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It is not uncommon to see pools in Las Vegas with calcium scale on the tile line. Scale forms along the tile at the surface of the water making an ugly, crusty, white ring around the pool. Las Vegas water has high calcium and alkalinity which contribute to scale formation. It’s very important to avoid significant scale. Severe scale formation can be a sign that pool water has been kept out of balance for a long time. Visible scale along the water line is an indicator that scale is probably forming other places in the system as well, like in the pool heater or the chlorine generator. Both of these may stop working as scale develops.

Tile scale can be removed with a glass bead blasting service. Bead blasting is dangerous and should be done by professionals. Blue Water Pool Service does tile scale removal when the pool is empty, so it’s convenient to have it done when an acid wash is scheduled.

A compressor is used with special spherical beads to blast off the scale. Sometimes grout is eroded in places because of the blasting and therefore some small areas may need to be regrouted. When the process is complete, the pool is refilled and chlorine and stabilizer are added to restart the pool. Pricing is determined by the severity of scale and the perimeter of the pool-usually between $5-10 per linear foot with a 60’ minimum. Call Blue Water Pool Service at 702-243-7946 to schedule a consultation. We frequently offer special discounts.