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An acid wash is a very dangerous procedure and should never be attempted by an inexperienced home owner. Blue Water Pool Service Techs have had many years of experience and professional training.

An acid wash is used to clean and brighten the pool surface. Acid washing can also remove some staining. It should not be done very often because the acid etches away at the top layer of the pool surface. Because of this etching, it is a delicate procedure done with diluted acid mixtures. The pool is drained quickly with a submersible pump and the acid wash is done as quickly as possible. While the pool is empty, drain covers are replaced with anti-entrapment safety covers. The pool return fittings and pool light niches are cleaned. Then pool lights are checked; seal gaskets and bulbs are replaced if necessary. Pool filters are also cleaned and checked for damage at this time. Also “in floor” cleaning system pop-ups can be replaced if necessary.

While the pool is empty, it’s the right time to have tile scale removed. The pool is then refilled with water and the chemicals are adjusted to ensure balanced pool water. The pool surface is now clean and may become much whiter and brighter. Blue Water Pool Service frequently has current special offers on acid washes. Please read the Pool Draining and Acid Wash Disclosure. Call Blue Water Pool Service at 702-243-7946 to have your pool evaluated for pricing.