Blue Water Pool Service
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Weekly Pool Service

Relax and enjoy your sparkling clean pool with our pool service. You wanted hassle free, all inclusive pool service. Now you’ve got it for one flat price!

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Filter Cleaning

Clean filters help your pump function efficiently and keep your pool clean. When is the last time you had your filters cleaned?

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Acid Wash

An acid wash is an excellent way to clean and brighten the pool surface. Acid washing can also remove some staining. We are perfect for the job!

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Tile Scale Removal

Las Vegas’ high calcium and alkalinity contribute to scale formation. It’s very important to maintain proper pool water chemistry to avoid scale.

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Salt Cell Cleaning

Proper water balance is very important with salt water pools in order to reduce the rate of scale buildup. Eventually, cells will need to be cleaned.

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Pool Cleaner Repair

Does your pool cleaner get stuck or does it seem to not function properly? Blue Water Pool Service provides repair service for roaming pool vacuums.

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Quick Algae Cleanup

Got a green pool? Algae can grow fast in Las Vegas. We offer same day service to get rid of algae, so you can resume swimming ASAP.

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