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Salt pools are not chlorine free pools, as many are led to believe. With a salt pool, chlorine is not directly added to the pool, rather it is generated. As salty water is moved over electrically charged plates in the cell, a chemical reaction takes place and chlorine is produced. As this process takes place, calcium scale tends to form on the plates within the cell. When the scale gets bad enough, the cell will stop generating chlorine. Also, it can prevent the flow of water if it gets too clogged fromĀ calcium. At this time, the cell will need to be cleaned.

Proper water balance is very important with salt water pools in order to reduce the rate of scale buildup. Also, protective chemicals can be used to retard the formation of scale. Eventually, cells will need to be cleaned.

Because this is a delicate and dangerous process, we recommend leaving it to the professionals! Cells can be easily damaged and are expensive to replace. Cells do not last forever though, and sometimes it is determined that is simply needs to be replaced. If you would like Blue Water Pool Service to clean your chlorine generator cell, please call 702-243-7946 for an appointment.