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How Safe Is Your Pool Water? 

Unsafe pool water leads to illnesses, costly repairs and tragic drowning deaths!

Relax! Get peace of mind! Prevent Drownings!

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Blue Water Pool Service is dedicated to providing a safe backyard environment. We will evaluate your backyard, pool, and equipment, so that you will be informed on how to protect your family. Unsafe chlorine levels in pools lead to a host of waterborne illnesses. Improper water balance leads to scale formation or corrosive conditions causing equipment failure. And most importantly, the backyard and pool environment must be safe in order to prevent drowning deaths. Drowning can be prevented by using several layers of protection called the ABCD’s of Drowning Prevention. We will evaluate your pool for the ABCD’s of Drowning Prevention and discuss them with you when we complete your FREE Pool Water/Backyard Safety check. Call 702-243-7946 for scheduling or fill out the form below.

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