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If you’re searching for the right pool service company, you’ve found it. Many people service pools without licensing, knowledge of pool water chemistry, or actual field experience. Improper pool chemistry leads to equipment failure and waterborne illnesses.

Blue Water Pool Service is licensed and insured. We protect your pool equipment and the health of your family by keeping your pool water chemistry just right.

When you schedule a free evaluation, we will evaluate your pool water and your pool’s safety. We will explain our services┬áto you and we will give you a pool service quote. Just let us know when it’s convenient for you. Call us at 702-243-7946 or sign up below. You will be called back to verify appointment time.

Applicable zips: 89131, 89084, 89143, 89149, 89130, 89129, 89031, 89085, 89166


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