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How To Determine If There’s a Pool Leak

Sometimes a pool leak is suspected because there may be a recurring wet area of ground near the pool. More likely through, there will be a continual decreasing of cyanuric acid (stabilizer) in the pool over time. you will notice that you will have to keep adding stabilizer to your pool.

The most common place for a pool leak is at the skimmer. A pool light niche is also a common place for a pool leak. Leaks can occur anyplace where there is a crack, plumbing connection or anywhere something is attached to the pool, like a skimmer.

The Bucket Test

To verify whether there is a pool leak, run a bucket test. Get a 5 gallon bucket and put a few gallons of water in it. Set the bucket on the first step in the pool. Adjust the water level in the bucket so it’s even with the water outside the bucket. Mark the water line with a waterproof marker both inside and outside of the bucket. Now turn the auto fill device off*. Make sure the pool suction is turned off of the skimmer. Turn the suction to main drain. This is done to prevent the skimmer from sucking air into the pump if the water level drops. If the pump loses vacuum, it will overheat and cause pump damage. Now simply wait a few days to a week to see what happens.the rate of evaporation is the same whether it’s in the bucket or out of the bucket. In the summertime in Las Vegas, the evaporation can be around 1/2″ every day. If after a few days (or a week) you notice the water level in the bucket is higher than the water level outside the bucket, there’s a pool leak.

Finding where the leak is may take a little more detective work and specialized equipment. We suggest you call a leak detection company which specializes in finding pool leaks.

*Continue to run the pump as usual during this test.